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ARatingz.com is a mobile first website listing financial analyst ratings for stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ.


There exists no site or app that presents financial analyst ratings on mobile in an optimal way. ARatingz.com aims to fill this void.

The following two articles give some pertinent points on how to interpret analyst ratings and they also influenced this site's design and user experience.

1) WSJ "How to Profit From Analysts' Stock Recommendations" by Jack Hough from Jan 14, 2012:
"First, analyst recommendations are like dairy products in that it is best to use them quickly or not at all. Shares tend to drift in the direction of recommendation changes, but for weeks or months, not years."
"Second, 'sells' tend to be far more prescient than 'buys.' According to study author Kent Womack, a former Goldman Sachs executive who now teaches finance at the University of Toronto, analysts face little resistance to their 'buy' recommendations but risk angering companies and investors with their 'sells,' so they tend to issue sell calls much more judiciously."

The above is why all pages sort with most recent ratings up at the top and the coloring makes it easier to pick out the 'Sells'.

2) Kiplinger "What Analyst Ratings Really Mean: A Wall Street insider says you need a codebook to interpret 'buy' and 'sell' calls" by David Landis from April 23, 2008.
"When a stock goes from one of those very rare sell ratings up to a neutral, that is a strong buy. When a rating is lowered from a buy to a neutral or a hold, that's a very strong sell."

This is called a 'Reversal' and are good to know about so they are linked to from the main nav bar with

Another kind of Reversal is a Chimera Rating "" which is kind of two ratings in one: a downgrade but a target price increase, or an upgrade with a target price decrease. Something is up with such stocks so they get the nav bar link.

Other goals for ARatingz.com:

Release Notes

1.0.0 Initial and current version of the site.